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Fabric Specification

Urban Hues

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Perennial & Artsy Ensembles For Your Home!

Urban Hues brings fine quality home furnishings after a detailed in-depth fabric research, quality and substance of thoughts and actions. Urban Hues is inventive and deeply eclectic. We present the curated designs keeping in mind current trends in the home décor world. From wide range of Cushions, Curtains, Bath Line, Bed-Linen, Carpets, Decorative accents, we have something to suit every style for creating a home that matches your lifestyle.


Fabric Properties

The advantages of jacquard materials depend a lot on composition. Still, there are some characteristics they all share in common. Most jacquard weave materials have floats on the back side. Plus, they are:

  1. durable and stable,
  2. strong and resilient,
  3. wear- and wrinkle-resistant,
  4. pleasant to the touch,
  5. filled with decorative aesthetics.

There are two more reasons why jacquards stand apart from the rest of woven fabrics.

First, the complexity of the design. Before the invention of the jacquard loom, such patterns were made by hand and involved a lot of labor and time. Nowadays, highly detailed motifs are woven automatically in a much shorter time. The secret is in controlling warp yarns. The jacquard loom creates a pattern by selecting and lifting warp yarns.

Second, the number of colors used. Modern technologies make it possible to produce sophisticated designs with a large or small repeat in the desired color range. You can weave anything you like using just one color or dozens of them: geometry, flora and fauna, abstract shapes, complex figures, etc.


  • The curtain comes with stainless steel rust free eyelets
  • Eyelets are large enough to accommodate the rod


  • Neat and fine stitching
  • Tailored using high quality threads for seamless look


  • The curtain is machine washable
  • Do not bleach
  • Gentle ironing (if required)